Our Team

Ethos’ diverse and multi-disciplinary team reflects our founding vision of combining equal parts investment and operating expertise, and our belief that diversity of experience, background, and perspective leads to better outcomes.

Executive Partners receive certain compensation from Ethos, including some combination of a portion of its management fee and/or incentive allocation and may receive other compensation, all of which is solely borne by Ethos. In addition, Executive Partners, based on the services they are providing to a particular portfolio company, which are permitted to be provided through their affiliated entities, will be eligible to receive additional compensation and reimbursements from a portfolio company in connection with such services and investors should expect to bear the cost of such amounts. Such additional compensation and reimbursements will not be borne out of, offset or reduce the compensation payable to Ethos. Ethos reserves the right to change the composition of these Executive Partners over time. Executive Partners make a capital investment in the General Partner as part of their commitment to Ethos.